Adopt a Home to provide Heart Havens residents with a life they deserve. image

Adopt a Home to provide Heart Havens residents with a life they deserve.

Give them a life with dignity, choices and independence.

$150 raised

$18,000 goal

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Monthly adopt-a-home sponsors help meet the daily needs of each person and give them a chance to thrive, in a way that is personal and promotes independence. Consider the expenses of daily life: room and board, clothes, food through groceries or dining out, medical needs like hearing aids or glasses, transportation. Your monthly gift directly supports Heart Havens residents through peace of mind that all their basic needs are met plus a quality of life that they deserve.

There are several monthly sponsorship options, each which provides the home of 4 people with the life they deserve – a life with dignity, choices and independence.

  • Silver Sponsorship $50/month
  • Gold Sponsorship $150/month
  • Diamond Sponsorship $250/month
  • Platinum Sponsorship $500/month

Your monthly donation provides our residents with the gift of:

  • Education & Recreation: The people Heart Havens supports have limited to no disposable income, meaning something as simple as dinner at a restaurant or going to a movie stretches their budget. Our goal is that residents of Heart Havens are able to do a few things out in the community each month. Your gift provides additional funds so they can attend a local garden show, buy a new shirt or learn a new skill.

  • Medical Needs: Some medical needs of Heart Havens residents such as hearing aids, glasses and dental sedation must be paid out of pocket. Your donation helps cover these urgent needs.

  • Yard maintenance: Heart Havens homes are blessed with volunteers to help with some of the yard maintenance, but it is an ongoing need. The grass needs to be mowed, flowers planted and shrubs and trees need to be trimmed to maintain the home. Your gift allows our residents to live in a beautiful home they can be proud of everyday.

  • Home Maintenance & Repair: As home owners, we know that appliances age and break, floors need replacing and gutters need cleaning. Heart Havens homes must be kept in good order to be safe and comfortable for our residents. Your donation means no scrambling to find the funds when these issues occur, but a thoughtful plan to keep everything running smoothly.

  • Telecommunications: In our current era, telecommunications is our window to the world.
    Phone, internet and television encourage Heart Havens residents to participate in society through games, research, social media, and popular shows. Your donation means that we can pick the best telecommunications plan so that the baseball fan can watch his or her favorite team play and another resident can have video chats with a long-distance friend or family member.

  • Groceries & Household Supplies: Tight grocery budgets can make it difficult to buy nutrient-rich and fresh foods such as fruit, vegetables and lean meats that are often more expensive than foods high in fats, sodium, and carbohydrates. Your support gives the people at Heart Havens the freedom to choose more fresh foods and make healthier choices that are better for their health.