Be a neighbor to adults with intellectual disabilities today.

Your gifts empower adults with intellectual disabilities to live full and vibrant lives with as much independence as possible.

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Your life is vibrant. Theirs can be, too.

What makes your life vibrant? Is it your involvement in church or community groups? Trips to the movies or your favorite restaurant? Spending quality time with friends and family? Adults with intellectual disabilities want a life just like that, too. They want a life where they are part of a community, get to explore the world around them, and make choices like you make every day. That's where Heart Havens comes in.

Heart Havens provides residential support to adults with intellectual disabilities, but it's so much more than a roof and a bed. At Heart Havens, we empower people to discover what they love and pursue their hopes and passions. Whether that's getting involved in community theater, giving back to the community through a pet food drive, or simply having a Super Bowl party with friends, we support our residents as they find a way to make their goals and dreams happen.

Your gifts help us provide the people we support with the best life possible-- and even small gifts make a big difference!

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