$18,000 in Gifts will be Matched! image

$18,000 in Gifts will be Matched!

On Giving Tuesday, get your holiday season started with philanthropy by empowering adults with a developmental disability.

$9,131 raised

$18,000 goal

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Will you help us get the full match by giving on Giving Tuesday and help us reach our ultimate goal of $100,000 to fully fund the Post Oak Opening?

Why give on Giving Tuesday?

You can help us get the full $18,000 match by giving on Giving Tuesday and help us reach our ultimate goal of $100,000 to fully fund the Post Oak Opening. Donations will go toward costs for the new Virginia Beach home including replacing appliances, purchasing furniture, installing a home generator, repairs recommended by the home inspection and health and safety additions such as AEDs and hand rails. After Giving Tuesday, we will close the Post Oak campaign, so this is our final chance to meet our goal. We are currently $58,630 away from our ultimate goal of $100,000.

Why Post Oak?

Recently we had to discharge a resident from the Macleigh-Holland house because we could not further modify the house to meet her most recent mobility needs. This was heartbreaking for her, her family, Heart Havens staff, and her housemates who are a second family. Shortly after, we made the decision to buy an accessible house on Post Oak, just three miles from the Macleigh-Holland house. We are so excited to have a new home that will support the accessibility needs of our residents and keep them connected to their friends in the Macleigh-Holland home as they age.

Who is matching donor gifts?

The first $18,000 in gifts on Giving Tuesday will be matched thanks to:
The Shangraw Family (see below for their story)
Technology Assurance Group (TAG)
SIL Insurance Agency
and the Heart Havens Board of Directors

Please support our Post Oak campaign. Even a small contribution will help us continue to meet the needs of cherished residents and expand our mission to four more people with a developmental disability. Will you help us meet our goal and get the full match by donating on Giving Tuesday?

From the Shangraw Family Foundation:
When I was a small child back in the 1970s, I knew that my older cousin Ronnie was different, but more importantly, I knew that he was loved. Things that I took for granted, like making friends and having new experiences, were so much harder for Ronnie, and yet he did them with the support of his family, church, and community.

Eventually, finding a group home for Ronnie was a huge step…a difficult but necessary leap of faith.In my cousin’s last years, Heart Havens provided a second home and a larger extended family for Ronnie – one that could never replace his family, but that could provide so many other essentials he needed for a full life.Friends, new experiences, caring professionals who got to know Ronnie and could challenge him to grow.Field trips, game nights, and an actual Prom!Just as important, Heart Havens provided the security for my Aunt to know that no matter what, Ronnie would always be safe and cared for in a place that he knew and with people he trusted. Ronnie passed a few years ago, and his place has been filled by a new roommate.But how many more families need that spot?

When my family learned that Heart Havens had acquired a new house and needed to raise $100,000 to make Oak Post safe and comfortable for four new families’ sons, daughters, or cousins, we wanted to help. If the Heart Havens can raise $15,000, we will match that amount in memory of Ronnie and in honor of all the residents and their families, old and new. Please join us in helping to make the Post Oak house the next Heart Havens home.