Help Heart Havens sustain into the future. image

Help Heart Havens sustain into the future.

Your gift ensures maintenance on our homes in the years to come.

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Your house occasionally needs repairs or maintenance. So do ours.

When was the last time you put a new roof on your house? Did you have any trouble with your heat system last winter? Have you had to call a plumber lately? Just like you have to do maintenance and repairs at your own house, Heart Havens does maintenance repairs on our homes as well. Roofing, flooring, plumbing, electrical-- it can add up!

The Heart Havens Endowment was established in 2010 as a means of sustaining our unique charitable mission. These funds are invested in perpetuity to generate earnings that allow Heart Havens to continue empowering the people we support by ensuring that the homes they live in are safe and well maintained.

A gift to the Heart Havens Endowment is a gift for the future of Heart Havens.